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        Our history

        "Dedicated to those pursuing a dream in life, to harder, the obstinate, who falls and rises again, to those who try always and never gives up!"

        • 2016

          Spa overlooking the water

          Our new spa, which overlooks the water, was opened at the end of 2016, and represents the latest addition to the Continental Terme Hotel Spa. Designed as an architecturally elevated structure beside the pool area, it offers a beautiful view of the Euganean Hills and it represents the quintessence of the Continental Terme Hotel wellness concept. The rest is history. nowadays, the heirs of Marcello Bernardi still treasure his teaching and follow with the same enthusiasm the way he marked  32 years ago.


        • 2010 - 2015

          Spa Thalasso and Nettuno swimming pool

        • 1996 - 2010

          A new facing

          After the creation of these rooms, the hotel had the greatest number of suites  in  the  Euganean  Basin.  The  Continental  has  undergone  many innovations  from  its  origins  but  the  guests  has  always  been  showing their appreciation for them. In the last years two more pools, a fitness room and the Beauty farm has been built.



        • 1985 -1995


          The reconstruction started with the creation of the third swimming- pool, the renovation of the rooms, of the restaurant and of the Spa. the  works  were  long  and  hard  and  the  guests  often  complained  for this  building  site  that  never  closed.  nevertheless,  the  Management absolutely had to go on and respect their engagement. In the 90s the building of a new wing with the suites type “Classic” was followed by the creation of  a  second one, which would host 35  suites type “Modern”.

        • 1985

          The change of ownership

          In 1985 Marcello Bernardi had already been Hotel manager for 20 years  as  he  bought  the  Continental  Hotel  from  Boaretto  Family. The Hotel was built at the beginning of the 60s and soon distinguished itself  for  its  elegance  and  refinement. Year after year renovation and modernization were needed, so the new management were forced to rebuilt the Hotel and its park.

        • 1957

          The Continental Terme Hotel’s birth

          The Hotel was built at the beginning of the 50s and soon distinguished itself  for  its  elegance  and  refinement.  Among  its  guests  there  were many Italian and foreign nobles.