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        "Thermarius" Spa

        Bio-clay (mud) and thermal water, a precious source to regenerate body and mind.

        The Thermal water

        Discover the charm and the potential of thermal water in its various forms. The Continental Terme Hotel with its five thermal pools which are characterized by different types of massaging water jets and paths will help you to cherish your stay. With our own springs of salt, bromine and iodine water we help mature the mud, thus enhancing its unique natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Suitable for the prevention and treatment of varicose diseases, it rehabilitates and benefits the phlebopathic and lymphopathic patient. Combined with inhalation therapy and physiotherapy it gives relief and comfort to the skeletal, muscular and respiratory systems. We respond to various needs with personalized treatments.

        Spa Pools

        Our pools are a 100% filled with deep underground bromine and iodine hyperthermal water, at a temperature which varies from 28 ° to 36 °. Thanks to the presence of massaging water jets, walking Kneipp and to the combinations of air and water, together with the water fitness activities, our pools help stimulate muscle relaxation and psycho-physical harmony.

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        The Thermarius Spa, inside the hotel, is specialized in natural treatments with Mud bath therapy which preventive and healing effects.

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        Inhalation therapy

        Aimed at giving relief to your nose, throat, bronchial tubes and lungs. The composition of salt, bromine and iodine waters, which is unique in its kind, plays a purifying effect on the mucous membrane of the respiratory system. Inhalations with thermal, salt, bromine and iodine water.

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        Rehabilitation and re-education with traditional physical therapy, massage therapy and hydrokinesis therapy. The team of medical specialists in physiotherapy and rehabilitation offers customized programs for the prevention, treatment and physical rehabilitation.

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